Farewell Tribute to (ret) GPD Capt Evelyn McLean

Georgetown Police Chief Wayne Nero, Evelyn McLean, Mayor Dale Ross, Commissioner Valerie Covey and City Manager David Morgan attended the ceremony at the Safety Center May 31.

Elect Wilcox for Lower Electric Rates

In her own words, Wilcox says, “I  will bring another fiscally conservative voice to the organization and represent all members who expect the co-op to prioritize providing reliable electricity at the lowest cost possible.”

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Start Your Travel Odyssey in Jarrell

Professional travel agents have always maintained all the value and service they ever had and have folded in new technology and tools to make agencies the way to go for a great experience.

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Sun City

A Family that Never Forgot

After 74 years, the final resting place of LT Thomas Kelly was found in the waters off Papua New Guinea.

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