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America’s “Smallville” Mandate

by Mike Payne

It’s been nearly one month now since America elected our next President, Donald John Trump. Since the pundits, pollsters, and talking heads missed this election result worse than that last pitch in Mighty Casey At The Bat, I thought you might appreciate an alternative opinion.

Remember how, before the ballots were cast, Hillary was going to crush Trump—and somehow after the election, this smug inevitability turned to shock and disbelief and then to the fact that “fake news” had obviously skewed this election to Trump’s favor? My opinion, you see, doesn’t originate from the “thirty-thousand foot” perspective as they claim; mine comes from about ten thousand feet—a lot closer to home for most of us.

The reason that Donald J. Trump won this election actually transcends every justification that I’ve heard so far. By the way, the explanation I am about to submit is not exclusively mine; I have heard it, though marginally, opined by a few others. You see, it became clear to American voter that now was the time to decide who would determine the cornerstone of our governance. Would we elect a person with a clear “globalist” attitude, or would we elect an unconventional and unlikely candidate with a solidly traditional American platform?

It was obvious that this election would determine whether or not as a country, we would have to justify ourselves to the United Nations and a host of other full-blown and quasi- communist dictators and banana republic regimes.  After all, we now have global governance of the Internet since we gave its control to ICANN, to whom we will now have to explain ourselves since they now have control over the world wide web. That, in and of itself, did not entirely constitute the backlash the globalists received at the ballot box. But, if we ever had anything to thank Barack Hussein Obama for, it would be for his laser-like focus on changing us from a capitalist system to one based on socialism. From his, “you didn’t build that” speech to his capitulation to dictators such as the now deceased despot Fidel Castro, he has led our country precipitously close to globalist rule. At his last speech at the United Nations in September 2016, Obama “urged the world’s leaders to ‘go forward’ on the ‘existing path of global integration,’ in spite of the challenges, which he blamed on ‘religious fundamentalism, aggressive nationalism,’ and ‘crude populism.’”

The ball is now firmly back in the court of common sense, and the Superman proverb is once again within reach. America elected Donald J. Trump to return us to the values of truth, justice, and the American way. Now, we expect him to get to it, post haste.

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