Ask the Chief

“Ask the Chief” is an opportunity for our readers to reach out to Chief Wayne Nero and Assistant Chief Cory Tchida of the Georgetown Police Department, Please send your questions to with the subject “Ask the Chief”

1. Do I need to be in good physical condition to attend the Spring Citizens Police Academy?

No, there are no physical fitness requirements for the CPA. We just want you to come with an open mind!

2. What is the toughest part about police training?

If we are talking about Police academy, all of it is hard by design. The academics and physical training are very challenging. There are near-daily tests that require 85 percent to pass and studying every night is a fact of life while in the academy.

3. Would GPD hire me if I have a criminal record?

A criminal record may not exclude you from hire. It depends on the severity of the offense, how long ago it occurred, the disposition of the case, and we are also interested in how the offense helped you grow as a person.

4. Can you tell me your best donut story?

I am not familiar with donuts. Cops don’t eat donuts. We do eat sugary power rings however. They are the source of all our greatness. My personal favorite power rings come from a little place in Round Rock!

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