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Elect Wilcox for Lower Electric Rates

by Mike Payne

What is a newspaper in Williamson County doing endorsing Burnet County resident, Donna Holland Wilcox in the race for the Pedernales Electric Coooperative’s Board of Directors, District 1 Seat? (District 1 includes much of Burnet County and portions of Williamson, Lampasas, and Travis counties.)

The answer is rather simple.  In her own words, Wilcox says, “I  will bring another fiscally conservative voice to the organization and represent all members who expect the co-op to prioritize providing reliable electricity at the lowest cost possible.”

With a company as large and spread out as PEC, these cost savings won’t happen “just because.” Wilcox has over 25 years of experience in business development, marketing, and management in the private sector, including participation in real estate projects.

Wilcox says, “Everything I intend to work on as a PEC District Board member will be geared toward lowering electricity costs for our members (customers). I intend to take the focus off the co-op itself and move it back to the members and their needs. In doing so, we must reduce debt, review policies that are outdated, improve customer service, including line extension costs and services, billing, procedures, and other activities that will add even more value to the customer.”

In summation, she says, “As a Board member, I intend to think outside of the box. After all, PEC is the largest co-op in the nation, and as such, should be leading the way by resetting industry standards that should always be focused on lowering end user electricity costs.”

Given the experience, dedication, and the knowledge Ms. Wilcox possesses, and after observing her work ethic and reputation in both the community and at the co-op, it is the opinion of the Editorial Board of the Advocate that Donna Wilcox is the right person to carry the baton into the future for citizens of PEC District 1.

Additionally, it’s even more than a skill set that decides how a company will treat its customers. Wilcox currently serves as the Director of Development for Faith Academy of Marble Falls, where she leads fundraising, public relations, and marketing strategies for the private Christian school.

If you live in Williamson County, and are provided electricity from Pedernales Electric Co-op, remember to vote. Not casting a vote in this race is a sure way to see your electricity rates increase.  Go online at www.pec.coop to see how to vote!

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