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Expert HVAC at Star Air

Barry Cryer, owner of All City Real Estate and, now, Star Air  never dreamed he would be in the air conditioning business. Having established a successful real estate company and become an award-winning author, he had the incidental opportunity to purchase an HVAC company and decided, “I am a man of Christ, so I know that when my path is chosen for me, I will adjust and overcome.”

Today, Star Air is the newest HVAC business in Jarrell, and the only one certified in Central Texas. They build, install and maintain systems, and sell more than 85,000 filters a year from their facility on Don Currie Dr.  

Cryer is pleased to be a part of the steady growth of Jarrell, “I know we are structuring the footprint of Jarrell and what we do today is going to be important tomorrow and down the road. Jarrell is growing smart; we have already assured our water supply for the next 25-30 years, and our Mayor gets calls every day from people interested in moving their businesses and families here.”

Star Air’s target customers are residential—new and existing homes. Their goal is to do and offer things that are a step better than the competition. Cryer offers two high-end units with five- and ten-year labor warranties. He explains most companies give ten years for parts, but labor is where the costs come in. “I know air conditioning is the third or fourth largest cost-per-item in a house or car, but this is Texas so we need to have it. If you’re going to buy a higher-end unit you need to know it will take care of you for a little bit.” 

Cryer has five employees and will soon add another, who just graduated from Jarrell High School. “We are excited about this young man because there is a shortage in the labor pool for high-end blue collar workers; electricians, plumbers, etc. so it won’t be long before these folks are earning high-end salaries. It is not uncommon for a good HVAC technician to make $80,000 a year.” 

Cryer works two trucks and hopes to double that every year for the foreseeable future. 

Star Air is also certified in air duct cleaning and mold remediation services. “Indoor air quality is more important than people realize. Your A/C doesn’t just cool your air; it helps kill viruses and neutralizes odors, removing particulate we can’t see. We are really helping the quality of the air in the house, and the more time we spend indoors, the more important that becomes.”

Star Air is open 24 hours for emergency calls. They can repair, service, install or otherwise maintain anything customers need on the full spectrum of home air needs. Cryer recommends having a twice-a-year inspection and offers four levels of preventive maintenance contracts to maintain systems and help them live much longer. “We have checklists and assign points to help the customer weigh options. If your system is more than ten years old or repairs will be more than $1000, you may want to consider replacing, especially if the current unit is no longer being manufactured and there are no parts.” 

Call 512-746-6099 for quotes, questions or plan information. Or the release date of his 2nd book…Formula to Sell Any Home

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