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Getting Your Insults Right… or Left


Apparently we even have a special vocabulary of party insults; e.g.,  if you are a Democrat, you are likely (or supposed) to call Republicans Wingnuts to highlight their extreme and nutty ideas.

Personally, I enjoy being a Deplorable but my new favorite is Rethuglican. Not as common this year, but it’s in the book.

Republicans are also quite creative; calling Democrats Moonbats after a Libertarian blogger decided they are crazy partisans barking at the moon.

The Head of Content Creation at Oxford Dictionaries uses an algorithm to analyze 100 million words published to the Internet every month (I would either really love or really hate that job) and determined there are many words more commonly associated with both parties.

While both sides are equally Extremist, Republicans are more likely to be called Zealots, I presume because they more often represent Christian ideology.

Both sides are equal Idiots, Hacks and Radicals but on the left you are also more likely to be called a Troll, Hack or Loon.

Oddly enough, both sides call the other Racists and then reiterate their universal disapproval for being one.

Feel free to use the handy chart, provided by Oxford, to make sure that you are correctly insulting your friends and neighbors. We don’t want Hillary and The Donald to have all the fun.

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