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GHS Student Signs Full Scholarship

Georgetown senior Hannah Matthew officially signed her commitment letter to attend Trinity International University in Chicago on a Volleyball scholarship.

Surrounded by family and more than 60 of her closest friends, Hannah said she is very excited about the next chapter in her career and education. “I’ve been playing volleyball for seven years and everything has been so close to home. It’s going to be difficult but I know it’s going to be worth it and I’m really excited about the road ahead.”

Hannah was coached by mom Renee and played at Zion Lutheran school through 8th grade. She has continued to play on club teams following her move to GISD her freshman year and playing for the Eagles. She is happy to “repay” her family for all the hard work and travel they shared with her with a six-figure scholarship.

On her decision to choose a school in the Midwest, “I did have some options to go to school close to home. Trinity is a small school and when I walked in the door they were very welcoming and I love the atmosphere that is so Christ-centered. I feel like I can grow spiritually and academically there. Deerfield is also a nice distance from the city of Chicago. It’s secluded but close enough to visit. “

Dad Scott Matthew said “We talked about possibilities early in her career and we invested to help both our daughters be at the top of their games. With a scholarship I’m so proud to see that Hannah really owns it—her talent and her commitment to a college education. She’s earned a tremendous award and I’m glad to have seen her set her sights and achieve this.”

In addition to sports, Hannah works with the PALS at Georgetown and has a passion for special needs students, although she says law school is also a possibility.

Coach Jenny Richardson said “Thank goodness I can talk about her character because we’d be here all day if we talked about her stats. But to name a few, she had a 93 percent serve, 22 aces, and was number two on our team with 250 digs. We relied very heavily on her. She worked hard every day and you’d never know she didn’t play with these kids her whole life. She bonded and fit in with the team immediately and she is definitely a person who does not like to lose. She loves to stand out and doesn’t like to be like everyone else. That’s even tough for adults and I admire that about her.”

Scott says “It’s a great day for our family. Now I look forward to seeing her graduate and come back to us from a long way away.”

You can see Hannah in action at HUDL.com/profile/5620654/hannah-matthew

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