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Gonzalez’s Vision For District 7: Continued Improvement

District 7 Councilman Tommy Gonzalez has announced he will file and campaign to retain his seat on the Georgetown City Council. He plans to maintain his platform of sustaining the historic nature and character of the City as it experiences rapid and continued growth. Gonzalez has been a strong advocate of attracting new quality business to Georgetown to help increase revenues for the city, and his focus will continue to be on projects east of I-35. “Most importantly, I want to maintain or improve the overall quality of life for all the residents of Georgetown.”

As an incumbent, Gonzalez says, “I want to finish what I started. Since beginning my service, the city has modernized, finished a new public safety facility and I am eager to see it through for the new city hall, Fire Station 7 and continuing to service the east side of Georgetown. My district is under rapid development and we are making smart changes to prepare us, not just for tomorrow, but for the next 50-75 years.”

As a financial specialist, Gonzalez has consistently pushed to secure favorable financing rates that help the city’s growth while maintaining the historical relevance of the downtown area. “I like to think I have played a part in the ‘Top Places’ accolades our city has received lately. We have been more visible in the last decade while still maintaining one of the lowest tax rates in Central Texas.” He believes his votes in committee and on Council reflect a conservative fiduciary record; “People know what they are getting from me and I like to think that I have been at least 1/7th of the success that Georgetown has enjoyed over the past eight years. I believe the institutional knowledge I bring to the dais is important. To know where we’re going, we need to remember where we’ve been, and I’m one of the people who was there when decisions were made.”

Gonzalez believes the changes in Dist. 7 reflect some of the changes in the city and the region. “People still appreciate our values and all of the turnover in my district means I’ll be doing a lot of outreach to introduce myself and the culture of our city to new neighbors.”

Gonzalez also has plans to engage and include younger voters in local causes, non-profits and identifying the issues and concerns that are current and important to them. “I want to know what is important to everyone in my district, while continuing to focus on the primary needs that matter to us all; public safety and quality education. I am part of how that message gets out and will continue to work with school boards and other city governments to ensure education and opportunity are available and recognized.”

Gonzalez says he was encouraged by friends and family to continue his work and satisfy his desire to serve. “It’s not an easy job but if there’s a problem, I won’t be the one telling people what’s wrong; I want to be part of the solution.”

Interested residents may file for all city elections beginning January 16.

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