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GOP Celebrates Ronald Reagan

The Williamson County Republican party held its annual Ronald Reagan Gala on February 18 at the Marriott in Round Rock. The event is the largest fundraiser the party holds each year. This year was significant in that it was a farewell to retiring Party Chairman Bill Fairbrother, who announced he would be stepping down earlier in the month. 

Precinct Chair and long time volunteer and supporter Milton Rister received the John Carter Distinguished Service Award for his work on behalf of the county Republicans and State of Texas. 

The keynote speaker was United Nations Ambassador Sichan Siv, who spoke eloquently, not just about the party, but about what it means to him to be an American. His story was as amazing as it was inspirational; from his humble beginnings as a refugee from the Killing Fields of Vietnam, to his appointment to George Bush, Sr.’s White House in just 13 years, prior to being named Ambassador. 

Former Texas party Chair Steve Munisteri honored President Reagan; “Now, more than ever, we owe a debt to the ‘crazy warmonger’ who put us back on the path of hope and prosperity and resulted in the fall of the USSR.” 

Photos from top: Ambassador Sichan Siv • Congressman Carter Presents the Service award to Milton Rister, with wife Nancy beside him. • County Judge Bill Gravell, Jill Gravell and HNTB officers Christen Eschberger and Dayna Elliott • Round Rock Attorney Jeremiah Willams led a spirited live auction • A Georgetown contingent arriving at the gala; Attorney Josh Schoeder, Mayor Dale Ross, Trustee Scott Stribling, Trustee Andy Webb and Mrs. Mickie Ross. 

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