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“Juneteenth is a Republican Celebration” ~ Karen Watson

Dallas Co GOP Vice Chair Karen Watson is an author, speaker and advocate for not just the values of the party but the history she believes is too often not part of the GOP message. 

We are blessed to be in a country where we can get our hands in it, choose our own leaders and have them work for us. Having that ability and opportunity is not common in the world.

My mission is to share my frustration over the misinformation that persists in popular culture. For instance, Abraham Lincoln was our first Republican President. The Republican Party in Texas was founded by freed black slaves. The KKK was founded to be the paramilitary arm of the Democratic Party. These are the things that Democrats have forgotten over time and I’ve been talking about since 2008 when people kept asking me if I was excited about that year’s election … I was excited because I wanted John McCain to be President. 

Juneteenth is a Republican celebration. Imagine what it felt like to finally be told that you were free thanks to the blood, sweat, toil and the cost paid by the amazing men and women who fought in that war. More people died in that war than in all the other wars combined until [our current war on terror.]

People don’t know the connections between this date and the Republicans. The party of Lincoln was started to abolish slavery. Lincoln was first Republican president. Martin Luther King Day was signed by Ronald Reagan. Unemployment in the black community is the lowest under Trump than in the previous 50 years. I just want people to connect these things to the party.

For more about Karen and local Republican events, visit GARW.org. 

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