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Letter to the Editor: Not Just Who, but Why

I travel the length and breadth of this county for work and community events and, all over, people ask me who will get my vote for County Judge. I never tell them Who without telling them Why. I’m voting for the man who not only cares about Williamson County but also my city—and theirs—and the individual components and attributes each has that, together, make the sum of the parts greater than the whole; Judge Bill Gravell.

Over the past five years, Judge Gravell has visited, supported or contributed to every city, every zip code and at least half the schools and churches.

He knows us here in Liberty Hill but also the people of Taylor, Thrall, Hutto, Bartlett and Leander. He is just as likely to be playing donkey basketball in Florence as he is to be praying at a fire station in Hutto or a fancy gala in Round Rock. Bill Gravell sees that every community has its strength and brings something positive to the game.

I have found him to be a true listener and someone who strives for excellence. He doesn’t settle for anything just because “it’s the way we’ve always done it.” And he wants to leave his mark on this County because we will all be better for it.

Lauren M., Liberty Hill

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