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Letters to the Editor: Support for Dale Ross for Mayor

Who is this man?

Recently I read an article that Mr. Sherwin Kahn decided to run for Georgetown Mayor. Is he a Libertarian, a Tory, or a Whig? Oh yes, he’s a Democrat!  I remember he wrote a few editorials for the Sun; claims to be a Social Activist? He’s only lived here a handful of years but he knows about everything in Georgetown?

So far he has only shown a negative attitude toward the good citizens of Georgetown, especially when he doesn’t agree with what’s going on in the city.

What has he actually done to make things better? Other than starting petitions against the good things, he makes claims and accusations about some of the problems he perceives but he hasn’t substantiated any of them. Nor, with his expertise in everything, has he actually helped, contributed, or used his professional trade to deal with the homeless, poor, less fortunate? Remember voters, ‘buyer beware’!

Georgetown, as I know it, is one of the most giving cities I have ever lived in.  The people, and I mean all the people, do more good than I ever could imagine.  How many migrants or homeless people has he taken in?

I am just wondering if Mr. Kahn just threw his name in the ring to get a little recognition? So far as I know, he’s only spoken out against the good things in Georgetown, starting with our Museum, which by the way, has he even made a contribution to its expansion project?  No, I guess not. Maybe he should take a lesson from our present Mayor, Dale Ross, and learn how to be more pragmatic with all the voters. The Mayor has done a yeoman of a job.

John Shaughnessy, Georgetown

When electing a Mayor, three things are important. Number one is quality of life. Number two is Public Safety. Number three is taxes. We all know the unparalleled quality of life we enjoy. We all know that we are the second safest city in the state of Texas, and we all understand we have the lowest tax rate. Can someone please tell me why we would consider electing a different mayor?

     Bill Mateja, Sun City

I’m curious what this opponent of Mayor Ross is really after. He says he’s for transparency, yet he appears rather stealth, avoiding all public forums. For a guy who says he wants things to be done in the light of day, his actions certainly don’t match his words. Mayor Ross has done an outstanding job, and this family is certain he’ll continue on that path in the future. We’re voting Ross for Mayor.

Joe Savage, Georgetown

This race for Mayor is interesting. Our Mayor, Dale Ross, has guided us through a period of the most rapid growth in the history of the city, and in doing so has kept the unique charm of Georgetown, while  still keeping the lowest tax rate in central Texas. As a Sun City resident, we have seen the time and effort that this Mayor devotes in keeping us informed and in the loop as to what’s happening in the city.

     Tom Crawford, Sun City

As a former Mayor of Georgetown, I understand the responsibilities and challenges facing our Mayor. Mayor Ross has done an outstanding job. We don’t need a new Mayor, and the vast majority of Georgetown residents recognize that.  A vote for Dale Ross will ensure sound fiscal management for the city of Georgetown throughout the next three years. I encourage all to vote Dale Ross for Mayor.

Mayor Leo Wood, Georgetown

We are a younger family with children. What better place to call home than Georgetown? Already with a stellar parks system, it is growing even more with the addition of Garey Park. Add to that our schools, our culture, our restaurants, and our beautiful downtown square, and it makes for one of the few true American places left to raise a family. I encourage friends our age to come out and vote for Mayor Ross. He’s done a fantastic job  leading the city, and will work hard for families to ensure that Georgetown is a great place to raise our kids. Let’s keep great “great.” Vote Dale Ross again.

Kevin Pitts, Georgetown

Sherwin who? How could I know whether or not Georgetown should consider this guy? He reminds me of the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. I might believe, if only I could catch a glimpse of him in public.

Jeff Stockton, Georgetown Businessman

From a professional perspective, Mayor Dale Ross has done an outstanding job. Since he’s been in office, Georgetown has blossomed into the envy of the nation. Sometimes it takes the right man at the right place to  affirm and grow an already stellar city. In this case, that man is Dale Ross. If you’re new here, or if this has been your home since birth,  let’s stay on the path to maintaining our unequaled quality of life.

Jimmy Jacobs, Georgetown

The impending race for Mayor is one of the most important we’ve had in years. It has been said that these races are non-partisan. How can that be? We have only to judge the actions of those running by their words and deeds. And in this race, we have a solid conservative with a three year track record of unparalleled success pitted against a tin-foil hat wearing far left loon First he tells the Statesman he’s “afraid” to come to a forum. Then, he tells them he had the flu. What’s next? “The dog ate my homework?” No telling the damage that could be done if this group ever gained control of this city. We just exited a period of a decade of instability by a group not nearly as far to the left as this wanna-be looking for fifteen minutes of fame. If you enjoy having a low tax rate, and enjoy the quality of our Fire and Police Protection, don’t be “Kahn-ed” – remember to cast your vote for Dale Ross.

Steve Klein

Comparing the candidates in the Mayoral race, all one has to do is look at the last three years, at the record of our current Mayor, Dale Ross. From a stabilized rate on the cost of energy, which will save residents considerably to the acclaim the city is recognizing throughout the world, it is important that we re-elect Mayor Ross.

   Marshall Wells, Teravista (Georgetown)

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