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May is Drug Court Month

DWI Court therapy dog Wrangler

County Court at Law #2 held DWI Court commencement May 2. This latest class represents 400-plus citizens who have completed the 12-month program that integrates criminal justice resources, case management, and substance abuse treatment to primarily facilitate offenders’ recovery in place of incarceration.

Judge Laura Barker says, “This is the most enjoyable part of my job. It is changing peoples lives and being witness to their transformation. The program is working and is having a very positive impact on our society by returning hard-working and productive people to our communities.” Graduates received coins and certificates and each wrote a letter to the court. Graduate Brent* said, from his letter, “I can’t thank you all enough and my gift to you is to never walk back through those doors again.” Graduate Carly* said she appreciated the team members’ caring but firm help; “I am grateful for [Court officer Susan Stilz]’s grandmotherly way.”

Graduates all appreciated having their therapy dog, Wrangler (photo inset) attend the ceremony to see them to the end and Judge Barker closed the program (above) by reciting the Serenity Prayer with everyone in attendance.  (*Names changed.)

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