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Publisher’s Corner: Ross Victory “Includes” All 16 Precincts

by Mike Payne

“When there is unity, there is always victory,” said first century Latin writer Pubilius Syrus. That ancient declaration rings true today following the landslide election of incumbent Mayor, Dale Ross who won a mandate that reached almost 73 percent of voters.

This victory, with this margin, brings the best opportunity to discuss what’s really happening in Georgetown amid claims by Ross’s opponent, Sherwin Kahn that the city lacked what he termed “inclusiveness.” The results in this election seem to point otherwise. So much so, in fact, that if the Mayor had the opportunity, he should thank Mr. Kahn for proving his own arguments moot by proffering another point of view, foisting a socialist agenda, and apologizing  for Georgetown for failing to grasp the importance of instituting a global left-wing agenda.

If any of the contentions his opponent had been spewing were true, then it would seem unlikely that this Mayor would have won as handily as he did.  In fact, apparently since Mayor Ross’s purported “lack of inclusiveness” caused him to win every precinct−all sixteen− it seems as though the opposition should re-examine its “facts.”

Admittedly, Kahn essentially operated in stealth mode, “self-funding” himself to an extent that demonstrated he clearly had no intention, platform, ideas, or changes to win; spending about as much to get this “much-needed change” message out as the average nine year old has in his piggy bank. Yet, like that proverbial fly that won’t stop buzzing around your head in a restaurant, he has maintained that Georgetown is “less than” via those venerable news sources, Twitter and Facebook.

The facts, however, prove otherwise. Georgetown, under the tenure of Mayor Ross, has become the fastest growing city of its size in America. It has been rated in the top ten in both caring and giving, effectively putting its money where its mouth is. And, most importantly, it has worked to maintain the unique quality of life that those who live here cherish most.

So, with all due respect to those who opposed Mayor Ross, there is a famous quote that is probably not known in California−concerning the story that Kahn attempted to propagate that Georgetown is “less than”−the margin of victory in this election puts that argument clearly in the grave. Or to put it in Texas terms, “Sir, that dog don’t hunt.”

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