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Republicans’ ONE TEAM is Moving “Onward!”

Williamson County Republicans have been knocking on doors for the past two months as ONE TEAM.

Appearances of Senators Cruz and Cornyn and several state office holders is testimony to the reputation and voting power of Williamson County residents.

Candidate for JP3 Evelyn McLean explains, “Without a Presidential race on the ballot, experts say this election is as much about a referendum on the Trump administration as it is about state and national values and agendas, so we are trying to reinforce Texas issues and values

With all of the seats in the House of Representatives and 35 Senate seats on the ballot, it is an opportunity for the GOP to maintain a clear majority in the Legislative branch or for Democrats to begin to reshape the political landscape on the road to the 2020 general elections.

Historically, when the White House changes parties, the House follows which, in this election, means Democrats need to flip 23 seats.

To answer their nationwide effort to accomplish this, Congressman John Carter and Williamson County Republicans have banded together in what they call ONE TEAM to “stand together at dozens of events and walk to many thousands of homes to spread messages of conservative leadership, from the court house to The White House.”

Early voting begins Oct. 22 and the mid-term Election Day is Nov 6. Throughout the state and Williamson County, the Republican Party has been making every effort to work together among themselves to unify party support and energy toward the mid-term elections.

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  • I got the Advocate as a mass mailer (unsolicited) today, so I thought I’d respond in kind.

    I don’t feel comfortable voting for a man who campaigned and phone-banked for a man who insulted his family. If someone did that to me and mine, career/money/reputation would be spent to defend the honor of my own blood…no, I won’t vote for Ted Cruz.

    John Carter seems to feel comfortable with removing provisions in the ACA for pre-existing conditions. Not sure how much money would be saved by that, but considering that 30,000,000 Americans STILL don’t have health insurance, this move might make good business sense and get them insured on the backs of those with pre-existing…oh, wait, I see business PACs making up the majority of his campaign donations, too! Nope…I’m not a businessman, so a vote for John Carter is not a vote for my best interests, as I’m a common working man with pre-existing conditions.

    Now, as far as the remainder of the “ONE TEAM” aligning themselves with a bribed-up representative and a senator who feels the Republican party is more important than the honor and reputation of his own family, I’d be second-guessing my alliances right about now. There are alternatives, and they (Beto and MJ) both seem to be more honorable and powerful, personally and professionally, than these two weaklings.

    Oh, and if you don’t like my opinions as shared, don’t send any further unsolicited mass mailers to my home.

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