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Sane School safety policy

Allow instructors or staff the option to carry concealed weapons to do so under the following guidelines.

• They would be required to attend and pass a safety and proficiency course conducted by state or county law enforcement instructors with the weapon they intend/will carry. This course will include the possible liabilities and consequences inherent with the carrying of and possible use of a firearm, with emphasis toward the school environment.

• The weapon must be carried in a concealed manner that will not be disclosed to the other faculty members or to the students. The weapon must be carried on their person (not in a purse or bag or in any manner in which it may be inadvertently left unattended. Any violation of this requirement will result in their privilege immediately being revoked.

• Measures will be taken to ensure that school administrators will be the only persons knowing who those persons are that have been qualified and chosen to carry firearms. Changes in health (especially mental) would be cause for revocation of the privilege

Arguments that police responding to an event would not know that the heroic teacher with the CCL was not the perpetrator is negated by the likelihood that in most cases the incident will have been resolved and by the time the police arrive the teacher will have disarmed himself before the arrival of the police to discover an unarmed teacher among the students that would otherwise have been listed among the casualties.

Dale Herrmann, Jarrell, Tx

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