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Support for Waterman in County Court #2

We are truly disappointed in the Advocate’s endorsement of Laura Barker for County Court at Law #2. We believe The Advocate missed the boat by not endorsing Warren Waterman for the position for Judge, County Court at Law #2.

Warren has an impeccable background; he has over 22 years experience – and is the only candidate who has both prosecution and defense experience. He has lived in Williamson County for 15 years and currently is the Williamson County Prosecutor in the DWI/Drug Court which is overseen by County Court at Law #2 and he is the only candidate to have prosecuted in Williamson County Court at Law #2. His list of accomplishments since he was admitted to the Texas Bar in 1993 is long and varied and adds to his vast experience in the courtroom.
Warren is fair and tough, necessary qualities when meting out justice. I know Warren as a compassionate and loving family man who freely gives of himself to everyone he meets. I am very proud to support Warren and blessed to call him my friend.
Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts.
Pam Hansell, Sun City

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