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Support Hollis Bone to Stop Austin “Creep”

by Mike Payne

If you like an Austin-style of government and you’d like a carbon copy in Round Rock, just let this December 16th special City Council election go the wrong way. The Round Rock City Council is one seat away from bringing one of the most liberal forms of government in the United States right to your front door, and even worse, to your wallet. The only person standing between the take-over of Round Rock by this ultra-liberal faction is Hollis Bone. Most likely, you have never voted in an election that will determine your financial future as much as this one will.

Why is Mr. Bone the right person at the right time for this seat? His 23 years of residency and participation in “all things Round Rock” is an excellent place to start. I’ve included his extensive list of involvement with city government at the bottom of this column. As this experience clearly shows, a vote for Hollis Bone is a vote to hold the line on taxes and maintain the quality of life that has existed in Round Rock, even through its period of exponential growth. Mr. Bone’s consistent, committed, and decades-long government, civic, and social engagement with the Round Rock community will allow him to step into this position and govern effectively from day one.

This election, though local, has brought out the state Democratic Party’s attempts to swing Round Rock toward an ultra-liberal style of governance; which leads to unreasonable regulations, high taxes, and yes, more crime. The liberals start this process by simply asking “someone to step up.”  In this case that person is Hilda Montgomery−who has exactly zero experience in municipal governance. As far as I can tell, the greatest benefit Ms. Montgomery could offer on the council might be to get the city a discount on Dell computers. On a serious note, she is a strong advocate of “government knows best” and appears to be ideologically lead toward that ambiguous “social justice”− often the code word for ever-burgeoning government control and handouts, for which every resident of Round Rock will be compelled to pay. The third candidate in this race is a Georgetown print shop owner.

While there is nothing wrong with wanting to engage in government, electing either of Mr. Bone’s opponents would be like taking a child from riding a bicycle and putting them on a Harley-Davidson without instruction. It’s not only dangerous to them, but to everyone around them! Experience matters. Hollis Bone has decades of that. The Advocate wholeheartedly supports Hollis Bone for Place 6 for Round Rock City Council on December 16. The future of Round Rock depends on this election. Go vote!


Hollis’ service to the community

  • District Chair, Chisholm Trail District Boy Scouts of America, 2011-12, 2017
  • Chairman, Board of Directors, RR Chamber of Commerce, 2007-2008
  • President, Board of Directors, Risk Management Assn of Central TX, 2004-2006

Member, Board of Directors

  • Round Rock Police Foundation, 2015-Present
  • RRISD Partners in Education, 2013-Present
  • Round Rock Foundation for the Arts, 2016
  • Round Rock Area Arts Council, 2013-2015
  • Round Rock Chamber of Commerce, 2006-2009
  • Risk Management Assn of Central TX, 2002-2006
  • Junior Achievement of Central Texas, 2004-2007
  • Greater Austin Chamber, 1998-2000


  • Transportation and Economic Development Corp, City of Round Rock, 2008-2013
  • Round Rock Economic Development Partnership, 2008-Present
  • Planning & Zoning Commission, City of Round Rock 2013-2016
  • Planning Committee, Leadership Round Rock, 2002-2014
  • Leadership Round Rock Class of 2001-2002

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