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Wanted: The Best Hamburger Around

They’re the mainstay of backyard barbecues, the draw of most major fast food restaurants, and come in limitless variety. The smell of one cooking is enough to time travel back to your favorite childhood cookouts, make your stomach rumble, and for the past 22 years the month of May has had a special celebration dedicated to cooking, layering and enjoying them.  We are talking, of course, about the humble hamburger…or cheeseburger or even veggie or turkey or bison burger.

However you choose to enjoy these patty americanas, you can find a multitude of flavors and styles and a wonderful variety of places to eat them.

Fortunately, whether you have a bucket list or just a craving for burgers, in Central Texas, we are never more than 30 minutes from a country town with a beautiful square, a big city with a hole-in-the-wall diner, or an out-of-the-way spot where an actual mom and pop are cooking up burgers alongside other local favorites like fried pickles or anything smoked.

For those who live in Georgetown, you don’t really even have to leave the city limits to be on a road that looks like open country, so it would only take minutes to gather up friends and family to meet you there.

Many of us remember, in our younger years, a family trip to McDonald’s was a special outing, or even a celebratory dinner. Summertime is the perfect time to pile everyone into the car and take a drive to any of a dozen small towns that are just a scenic hop from here and homes to original burger recipes and comfort food. Maybe even leave the electronics at home, unless you need Google maps to find that quintessential Texas spot at the end of a very long road. What better way to enjoy the summer than quality time with friends or family, and a tradition as old as the hamburger itself.

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