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World Class Softball in Georgetown

The 14U All-stars—Georgetown Pride— represented the Georgetown Youth Girls Softball Association at the 2018 World Series Championships in Laredo last month. This plucky group if 15 young athletes, assembled from Georgetown, East View and Jarrell High School club teams after the regular season, played double-headers, endured 100-plus-degree days together and even toughed it out though one day of six games with a single 40-minute break.

This was the GYGSA’s second visit to the World Series and they bested everyone to come home Sectional, Regional and World Series Champions. And the name is not symbolic; they beat teams from all over Texas, Mexico and Puerto Rico for the first-ever Pony League ring.

Players bonded well through the heat and the long days and most play softball year-round for their schools or on club teams; several are on track for scholarships at the end of their club journey. Unusually shy for our interview, they agreed that winning is a big motivator but they play for the joy of the sport, the cameraderie and the adrenaline.

Coach Gabriel Dominguez says club teams are already holding signups for the next season and players are looking forward to getting to know and trust each other all over again. You can see these champions play in the Blue Santa tournament November 8-11. Contact Shawn Wright 512-350-5770 for info.

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  • I think it’s important to point out that we are not a club traveling team. We are city league. some people call it rec league. But that’s not how we go about business at GYGSA. Coaches view this as competitive ball but more than anything care about developing players on the field and as a community of friends and softball family. Bring your child to us and you will never look back. I stand by that.

  • Very disappointed with this article. The information throughout all the run on sentences was quite inaccurate! These girls played youth league softball through Georgetown youth softball in Pony league. They were chosen from their spring teams as all-stars representing Georgetown from Round Rock, Georgetown, Jarrell and Florence. This is NOT a club team. The author of the article had access to an entire team picture yet used one that was missing a third of the team. And never in the article were the girls, who fought so hard to win this championship, ever named. There was no background information given nor any details except for a Blue Santa tournament that had no relavence to the article. The entire article was poorly done.

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