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The Advocate Endorses Josh Schroeder for Mayor

by Mike Payne

Some years it is difficult to determine who would make the best mayor for Georgetown. This year, however, the choice is clear. Never in our history of endorsement has there been an easier selection for who should lead the city. That person is Josh Schroeder, a man of unimpeachable integrity, proven character, and the necessary experience.

Schroeder, an attorney by trade, possesses a skill set that is the epitome of what is needed to guide Georgetown intelligently through the growth that lies ahead. Not only has he served on numerous city boards and commissions, learning the ins and outs of how the city operates, Mr. Schroeder also has a stellar career with one of the premier law firms in Texas, practicing transactional and real estate law; a specialty that requires extraordinary intellect and communication skills.

These bona fides are only second to Schroeder’s most compelling qualification: his dedication to and love of Georgetown as evidenced by his extensive record of community service.

The Advocate endorses Josh Schroeder for Mayor, and believes he will be one of the best to ever serve the City of Georgetown.

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