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Support for Dale Ross, Candidate

I think it’s important to re-elect Mayor Ross.  He is one of the few individuals I know whose expertise and experience encompasses Georgetown’s past, present and future.  He has a deep appreciation of Georgetown’s history, especially the importance of The Square, of Sun City, and Georgetown’s rich place in Texas’ political and social development.

He is equally well grounded in Georgetown’s present.  As a business owner he has a wealth of knowledge about what makes this community successful, and the relationship of the City, County and State in its development.  That’s critical in bringing the various participants together as we forge public-private partnerships to the betterment of our community.

Finally, he has used his first term to shape the future of Georgetown. The key phrase has been to gain control of our own destiny, to get ahead of growth, and shape it in a fiscally and socially responsible manner.

The hallmarks of his tenure as Mayor include Public Safety, Economic Development and preserving the character and integrity of Georgetown as a small town on the San Gabriel, and, as Dale says in every presentation, “The Greatest City on Planet Earth”.

It’s been a pleasure to work with him on projects. He runs a good meeting, keeps an open dialogue, and doesn’t let the process bog down with minutia.

In sum, Mayor Ross has accomplished a great deal in his first term, largely because he knows this town so well and has a solid vision for its future. We would all be well served to give him another term to stay the course and complete the tasks which are underway.

I support his re-election and intend to speak out in his favor during the campaign. I encourage you to support him as well.

Steve Fought, Sun City

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