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A Safe Place to Value your Valuables

Johnny Wade, owner of Nocked & Loaded wants to help you get a fair price for your firearms and heirlooms. 

A true Texan, Johnny Wade is a man of his word, makes deals on a handshake, and is eager to give back in a whole new way. “I’m an honest man, and I have seen people taken advantage of too many times. I want to help people, and with the skills and knowledge I bring to the table; I can excel in a field that no one else is even in.” 

Wade is reaching out to families and individuals in and around Georgetown who are looking to sell or appraise firearms, coins or precious metals for an estate or just extra money. 


“Our Baby Boomer generation has many heirlooms, and they need help assessing the things they’ve inherited. At the same time, I am an unpaid National Firearms Act (NFA) agent and I can assist people with the history of their guns, as well as the legal transfer of ownership whether they are sold or gifted away.” 

Wade emphasized the importance of legal transfer of gun ownership because there is no “wiggle room” when it comes to gun control laws, and there are heavy federal penalties for even a first offense. Aside from the legal and financial support he offers, he enjoys learning the forensics of a person’s life through his or her collection. An early client, “Mrs. C”, was overwhelmed by the task of managing her late husband’s 80 firearms. She had given away many of the guns without realizing the legalities and the value she had lost. 

“I started out helping her transition from her husband’s death. But soon I was enthralled to learn his life through guns he bought as a younger man, and how they became more elegant and expensive as he learned the craft.” 

Wade readily admits he is not an expert in everything, but he is taking steps to ensure that no matter the item, he can help a client get a true value and a fair price. “I’m trying to save guns from people who won’t treat them right or appreciate them, but it’s more than the firearms. It’s about being around people who aren’t experts and need help. I plan to build a panel of people whom I trust, who can advise on all kinds of topics to help clients through their own transitions. I just can’t be witness to anyone being taken advantage of.” 

Wade says he can purchase firearms to re-sell in his store, or help clients sell them online at a good price. He provides appraisals at no cost and can recommend honest buyers or brokers for other items who will buy at fair prices.

He also has an extensive background in grading and valuing previous metals. “I met with a widow who said she didn’t really trust anyone and had no idea about her husband’s collectibles. She wanted me to buy them and wanted $200. I offered her $300 and then by the time I got back to the table, I had $400. She was grateful that now she could help her stepdaughter pay her rent. Stories like that… I don’t care if it was too much money for the items. At some point, I have to make it right for me and $100 bill is just a tool that enables me to do good things. And many times, the items I purchase become part of my own past; they hold much more memory value for me than money. I will always remember those ladies and how comforted they were to be treated fairly.” 

As the youngest of seven kids, a loving father and family man, he understands how vulnerable families and widows can be when grieving, or even just in a tough spot. He’s been working since he was 5 years old, understands the value of money, and says, “Meeting families and widows this year has given me a taste for the satisfaction of helping people and being part of their lives. I’m not out to be the guy looking for business. If you have a question let me help you. Let me provide no-cost help and advice.” 

If you have items you need to sell or are just curious about, contact Johnny at 254-833-5771 or 512-775-9861. 


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