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Ask the Chief • Feb 3, 2018

Georgetown Police Dept, Assistant Chief Cory Tchida

Is there anything people do just because they are in the presence of police officers that drives police officers nuts?

This one for me is more about what people say rather than what they do. I realize people are just trying to be funny but when they see an officer and say “I didn’t do it” or “He did it”, it gets tiresome. It is about as original as a donut joke. Just say hello and we can talk about our days instead.

Do I have to answer the door at my home if a police officer knocks on it?

Depends on how hard the police officer is knocking! But in all seriousness, the general answer is no. If the situation is serious enough where we can’t take no for an answer, we are going to give abundant announcement that not answering is not an option.

With respect to the FBI “mindhunters”, is there a place for profiling behavior in every day police work?

I don’t really have a great answer for this one. Outside of TV I don’t know the level of work put into generating a profile. I imagine it is quite a bit, and a profile might be helpful to solve certain crimes. But, based on the specialized expertise and time required, it might not have a great ROI to create the profile for a minor offense.

Have you ever pulled over a school bus? What would be a good reason for doing so?

We have pulled over school buses, but it is rare. Most school bus drivers are very cognizant of their precious cargo. The most typical offense would be speeding or the school bus driver is using an unauthorized electronic communication device while driving.

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