Ask the Chief: Q&A

Is it okay for me to tell my kids they better behave around a police officer?

No, it is not okay to tell your kids to behave around a police officer or use the threat of arrest for childish misbehavior. We struggle each and every day to engage our youth in positive ways and create a climate of trust. That work is undermined when people unnecessarily cause children to be fearful of the police. It is also incredibly disheartening for us when it happens.

What are the state and city laws about yielding to emergency vehicles? 

Yielding is governed by state law. It requires you to yield the right of way, drive to a position parallel to and as close as possible to the right-hand edge or curb of the roadway clear of any intersection, and stop and remain standing until the authorized emergency vehicle has passed.

What is the dumbest ticket you’ve ever given; or dumbest thing someone did to get arrested?

Uhhh, I have never written a dumb ticket. That would be dumb and I wouldn’t want to get a dumb ticket. Now, dumbest thing to get arrested? That is a little different.

We had a guy who was walking out of a convenience store and passing an officer who was walking in. As they pass, the guy took out a giant illegal knife, which was concealed on his person and threw it away in front of the officer. It was dumb because the officer never would have known he had the knife if he hadn’t randomly decided to pull it out in front of the officer. To make matters worse, the guy also had an active arrest warrant.

Are there any movies or TV shows you think are even a little bit like what the job is like in real life?

Wow, this one is tough. I would be reluctant to even say “COPS” because it seems like officers do really strange stuff on that show sometimes. Maybe it is because the cameras are on them? For non-reality, I would probably say the show “Third Watch”, which is not on anymore. As for the number one show the is not realistic?? CSI, CSI, CSI! If we could solve all crimes in 45 minutes minus the commercials…we wouldn’t have jobs.

“Ask the Chief” is an opportunity for our readers to reach out to Chief Wayne Nero and Assistant Chief Cory Tchida of the Georgetown Police Department, Please send your questions to with the subject “Ask the Chief”

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