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Bill Gravell Republican Nominee for Williamson County Judge

The 2018 Republican primary is finally in our rear-view mirror, and we are pleased to report the results of race results available at post time. For the County’s top race, Judge Bill Gravell is one step closer to changing his job, although not his honorable title. With 116 precincts reporting, he is the winner with 52.39%.

After many months of outspoken opposition, including personal attacks on not just the candidate but also his supporters and staff, Judge Gravell said, “After all the negative campaigning that we have been through and all the damage done to the Republican Party by the public infighting, I just have one thing to say; it’s time to get together and whoop some Democrats.” A large and satisfied crowd joined the “Dancing Judge” for a celebration at his watch party at Mesquite Creek Outfitters in the Georgetown Square. He spoke about the future of Williamson County and shared the humility he has felt throughout the process. “I met a woman today in Sun City who needed help getting to the polls and after we helped her vote, she said she was happy to cross ‘meet Bill Gravell’ off her bucket list. I never imagined a time in my life that I would be part of a person’s bucket list, but I promise to remain faithful to my Lord and be worthy of that honor.”

Additional Republican election results:

  • Governor – Greg Abbott
  • Lt Governor – Dan Patrick
  • Attorney General – Ken Paxton
  • Congressman 31st District – John Carter
  • State Senator – Charles Schwertner
  • Texas Representative 20th District – Terry Wilson
  • Texas Representative 52nd District – Cynthia Flores
  • County Judge – Bill Gravell
  • County Treasurer – Scott Heselmeyer
  • Commissioner Pct 2 – Cynthia Long
  • Commissioner Pct 4 – Runoff between Russ Boles and Bobby Seiferman
  • 277th District Court – Stacey Mathews
  • 368th District Court – Rick Kennon
  • County Court at Law #1 – Brandy Hallford
  • County Court at Law #2 – Laura Barker
  • County Court at Law #3 – Doug Arnold
  • County Court at Law #4 – John McMaster
  • Justice of the Peace Pct 1 – Dain Johnson
  • Justice of the Peace Pct 2 – Edna Staudt
  • Justice of the Peace Pct 3 – Evelyn McLean
  • Justice of the Peace Pct 4 – Judy Hobbs

We will have full election results, race impact and preview of the General Election in the April 5th issue of AdvocateNewsTX. Poll results indicate a marked increase in the number of Democratic voters and although there has not been a Democrat elected to state office since 1994, it appears there is momentum statewide for contested races and Republicans in Williamson County will need to move past the primary quickly and come back together before November 6.


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