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Hood Reflects on Mobility Solutions

Shawn F. Hood is a candidate for City Council, District 2. He echoes what others are thinking about Road Bonds and is pleased to note that the City is also taking a step back from planning on the downtown garage. “It is a positive move to survey the citizens again and reconsider other sites.”  

Hood says although the garage is pressing in his District, mobility remains the biggest question across the city. “I believe we should look at a three- to five-year bond. It requires less money and we can see the results quickly. We can assess results and re-direct as necessary without being obligated to longer-term contracts. Most people don’t realize the Southwest Bypass has already been ten years in the making. Ten years from now, our needs may be completely different than what we think today. We need to be able to address development as it happens.” 

He is pleased with the construction of new fire stations and support for community safety, but is eager to take on the role of council member and “shore up our A-game” for better transportation solutions. 

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