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In Memoriam: Goliath 2000-2016

R.O.C.K.'s Goliath

R.O.C.K.’s Goliath

The staff and volunteers at R.O.C.K. sadly announced the passing of Goliath, one of their beloved therapy horses, just days after his retirement from service.

The horse, who was a favorite in R.O.C.K.’s Veteran Program, was known to be a gentle giant with a big heart. He was donated in 2014 and after his retirement two weeks ago, he went back to live with his original owners.

Goliath suffered with problems related to his feet. Despite the riders’ affection for him, his gait was no longer effective as therapy so he was allowed to go home to rest.

R.O.C.K. posted, “We were blessed to have his large presence and huge heart serve here. Thank you Goliath. May your pastures be green and your pain vanish.”

Many who are affiliated with R.O.C.K. will miss him and wish him a peaceful “Walk on, Goliath.”

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