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Keeping Williamson County Great

Williamson County voters set a record for voter participation (62.25%) in the 2018 midterm election. But, Glenda Dennison of Sun City personally embodied a true commitment to civic responsibility and inspired thousands on social media with her story. Glenda has a terminal diagnosis of brain cancer and had been homebound for several months. She confided to friend Betty Schleder that she did not want to let this election day go by without helping Bill Gravell become County Judge but she had no way to get to the polls. Schleder, well known for her willing and resourcefulness, made sure that Glenda got her wish. She hooked a trailer to her pickup and strapped Glenda’s wheelchair to it. (Glenda and Charlie rode up front to Cowan Creek.) Once there, Schleder had pre-arranged for a voting machine to be brought outside to the truck. Supervised by election judges Cathy Cody (R) and Don Keller (D), Glenda cast an emotional ballot. Judge Gravell commented, “It is deeply humbling to see the sacrifice of one for the sake of a vote. Glenda, I will always remember you.” Glenda said, “That’s awesome, thank you.”

At left: Judge Bill Gravell, Charlie and Glenda Dennison, Betty Schleder celebrate voting at the Cowan Creek polling center on election day.

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