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Letter to the Editor: Gutter Politics

Political candidates who use smear tactics against their opponent often have little substance of their own to offer their constituents—only mindless rhetoric. Belittling opponents and their supporters should be a clarion statement to voters that the candidate lacks moral fiber. The tactic only works if voters get caught up in the verbiage of a campaign and ignore its glaring lack of substance.
Recent example in point, a Round Rock candidate running for a high and honorable office has insulted duly elected and highly acclaimed county officials with fake news and insults against their character and background as well as those “cronies” who support them.
How will scurrilous tactics gain a candidate any honor or credence in an office that demands exceeding amounts of both? If elected, what effect will this behavior have on his working relationship with those whom he has besmirched?
It is incumbent upon voters to look beyond the rhetoric; rather, look for the character of a candidate.

If the candidate currently holds a political office, as in the Judge Gravell versus Councilman Leffingwell race, compare their accomplishments and benefits to the county-at-large.

Has Judge Gravell’s court improved in his five years of around-the-clock service? His full-time job? Yes, astronomically—winning National, State and local awards. Ask anyone in the county.

As City Councilman, Leffingwell consistently votes on tax increases and an occasional budget, which is wholly prepared by the city manager. Has his part-time job improved the City of Round Rock?  Ask his constituents.

Sun City residents are being contacted by phone and the caller touts Leffingwell’s superior qualifications for the County Judgeship based on two almost laughable qualifications. The first, that he’s an attorney. Second, experience running a business—with only two employees and minuscule budget.

I want to remind my fellow residents that no prior Wilco County Judge has ever been an attorney and yet they excelled with honor without that stigma. Having a law degree certainly doesn’t guarantee success or enhance careers in politics: (hint) Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jana Duty, etc.

In stark contrast to Leffingwell’s business experience, Judge Gravell oversees 17 employees with a $1.4 million dollar budget.
Compare and contrast the candidates and the cream will rise to the top. You should expect and demand more from your Republican candidates’ behavior. Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment: “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican candidate” is a sound doctrine and integrates seamlessly with the ‘cowboy code of ethics’.
God bless America, and God bless Texas.

Tony Trumps, Sun City

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