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Letters to the Editor: Bill Gravell for County Judge

Although it was likely not the Leffingwell campaign’s intent, I watched with delight the video of Judge Bill Gravell dancing in his office. Here is a man introducing a moment of lightness and warmth into a place that is generally filled with anxiety and negativity; a courtroom. This is the not the first time Judge Gravell has behaved or reacted with compassion for the people around him. I submit “Lady” to your readers, a loving and gentle dog Bill invites to the courtroom regularly for the sole purpose of allowing stressed out citizens to gently bury their worry in her fur.

Gravell’s joyful moment did nothing to raise my taxes and I am certain he spent the day on the bench doing his job, excellently, as always. So who really cares if he shared a moment of fun? I would much rather spend my 40 hours in an office with a sense of life than the overly-staged view of Frank drinking coffee at his desk. (Is that empty room supposed to be the “business” he runs?)

Where, Mr. Leffingwell, is the video of Judge Gravell on the side of the road at 3am, comforting a grieving mother at the scene where her child was hit by a drunk driver? Where is the video of Bill praying for the safety of the Hutto firefighters? Where is the video of Bill giving a widower an extension on his driving school so he can help his daughters recover from their mother’s death? Where is the video of the County counting the money that Bill has brought into JP3 thanks to improved automation and technology?

I’m just saying; no question which Soul Train I’m going to be riding on election day.

Betty Schleder, Sun City

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