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Lifesaver Awards

At the December 13 City Council meeting, Georgetown Fire Department Chief John Sullivan recognized Dr. Michael Maxwell and Dr. Mark Shepherd (photo above by Beth Wade). The two were playing at the tennis center Nov 1 and provided life saving measures to a member who suffered a cardiac arrest. The two men performed CPR and applied AED treatment prior to EMS arrival and were able to maintain consistent neurological responses that led to the patient being released from the hospital just days later.

Sullivan said, “It is with our deepest gratitude we recognize efforts that resulted in the saving of a human life. We are hopeful that more people will take the time to do what these two doctors are able to do.

“We want more people to be engaged in the community; you don’t need to be an emergency room physician in order to save a life. It can be something as simple as the ABCs of CPR as well as having access to an AED.”

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