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Making Experience a Priority

by Mike Payne

Thomas Jefferson stated, “Everything yields to diligence.” I do not believe there has ever been an election in Georgetown that requires this admonition more. It is critical that we sort out all the mis-information from local media, and even some confusion in reporting from the City, to determine who can best lead us as Georgetown works to maintain its unique charm and character, while establishing financial guidelines that keep it affordable. In that regard, there are three City Council incumbents who have labored diligently for many years.

District 7 Councilman Tommy Gonzalez is seeking his fourth term for all the right reasons. If you agree that experience is the key to success, then you will vote for Mr. Gonzalez. He has steadfastly led the charge to put in place those things that enhance the quality of life in Georgetown. He has worked to keep taxes low, and is a staunch advocate of our schools, police, and fire protection. His opponent who promotes herself as an educator has been soundly rejected by the citizens of Georgetown in two previous Board of Trustees elections. That certainly begs the question, “What is it in her positions that is so strongly in opposition with the wishes of parents who have children in Georgetown schools?” 

District 4 incumbent Steve Fought brings an extensive list of qualifications and past successes. His military background (Air Force Lt. Col. Ret.) along with his PhD-level education have provided Georgetown residents with a man who is at the top of his game, both in experience and knowledge. Mr. Fought has an analytical style that any city in the United States would be proud to have as a councilman or Mayor. He is one of many treasures to come out of Sun City. Mr. Fought’s far-left opponent espouses “change”, but with no apparent solutions, and admittedly, no experience.  Anyone who understands the zeitgeist of Georgetown understands that this is not the right place or time for him, and he is certainly not the right man for this job.

John Hesser is unquestionably the best candidate to represent District 3. During his time on Council, he has consistently embodied steady, thoughtful, and reliable leadership. He has decades of the highest-level financial experience, and considers the pros and cons of every issue thoughtfully, through the lens of facts and truth. Mr. Hesser is another man who could serve in executive capacities throughout the country; another treasure of Sun City. His opponent, Mike Triggs is a very likable person. My recommendation to Mr. Triggs would be to serve on some City boards and commissions to gain experience and learn more about Georgetown. A future run for City Council would be more appropriate. 

Now is simply not the time to change horses. And to the complainers (who will never stop): when you add up the sum total of the costs of living in Georgetown, it ranks in the top three most affordable places to live in central Texas.

As for the School Board Trustee races in the GISD, The Advocate’s picks are Andy Webb and Elizabeth McFarland. Incumbent Webb, a local businessman with unimpeachable integrity, has done an exemplary job on the board. There is no reason for change. Newcomer McFarland is seeking the seat vacated by Scott Alarcon. Ms. McFarland is an attorney, a volunteer, and a Veteran who views public education as “…the great opportunity maker…and allows students from all backgrounds and circumstances the opportunity to excel in school and life.”

 For these reasons, the editorial board of The Advocate newspaper endorses John Hesser, Steve Fought, and Tommy Gonzalez for Georgetown City Council; and Andy Webb and Elizabeth McFarland for Georgetown ISD Board of Trustees. Let’s keep Georgetown as one of the most affordable and unique places to live in America today, tomorrow, and in the future.  Go vote—it matters! 

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