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Schroeder: Sourcing Sun City For Georgetown’s Success

On January 7, Georgetown Attorney and community leader Josh Schroeder announced his candidacy for Mayor to a capacity crowd on the Square. 

Former Georgetown Mayor, Tim Kennedy, says, “Josh is, above all, a man of faith and a family man. Josh will treat any citizen who comes to talk to him with respect and dignity. Being Mayor of Georgetown was one of the great honors of my life, and Josh has earned the opportunity to be the leader of this town.” 

Schroeder has personal investment in, and great love for Georgetown. He told AdvocateNews he is eager to be in a position to seek out and make use of the resources available, among Georgetown residents, to bolster the success of the City. 

His campaign team has scheduled a series of Meet & Greets in Sun City to do just that. “I am really looking forward to getting to know all the experts here,” Schroeder says. “I became aware of what an amazing resource Sun City was when I was board president at The Caring Place. There are more than 400 volunteers there, from the boardroom to the sorting room. All these people come here with lifetimes of experience; they are super qualified, and they are happy to serve our city in any capacity.” 

He also notes the foundation of volunteer management is not about asking people to fill a space, “It’s about discovering what their strengths are and finding the best place to plug them in for the greatest benefit. We have this vast wealth of knowledge and experience in Sun City; people who are truly looking to help.” 

He recalls a volunteer at the Caring Place who found the utility bills were unmanageable who also happened to have retired as facilities manager for a Fortune 500 company. “He walked in, fixed the HVAC, and saved us $5,000. It is definitely one of my goals to tap Sun City for this kind of expertise on our city boards and commissions.” 

Schroeder says he has also seen similar leadership skills at work in his church. “We have committees for everything, and the same people who serve on many of them are the same people who support the non-profits in our community. We have this vast wealth of skills and experience, and Georgetown is getting to be a place where boards and commissions are making big decisions, with big dollars attached. We need to find these experts to volunteer. In simplest terms, don’t we want the GUS board to be made up of experts on utilities? We have to find those people, and do a better job of connecting with them. I’ve met some and I can’t wait to be able to ask.” 

The Mayoral election is May 2 in Georgetown. 

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