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TxDOT to Host Open House for I-35 at Williamson Drive

The Texas Department of Transportation hosted an open house for proposed improvements of I-35 at Williams Dr Nov. 17. Those unable to attend the meeting in-person can offer input online at a virtual open house available between until December 1 at Mobility35OpenHouse.com.

The purpose of the Williams Drive project is to improve safety and mobility for all users of I-35. Proposed improvements on the approximate $67 million project include reconstructing the Williams Drive interchange to a diverging diamond intersection (DDI).

To create a DDI, two-phase traffic signals are installed at the roadway crossover points. Once on the left side of the road, drivers can freely turn left, rather than waiting for oncoming traffic to clear or for a left turn signal.

Or, drivers can continue straight and will switch back to the right side of the roadway once they’ve cleared the intersection.

U-turn lanes are also included in a DDI, making left-turns from the cross-streets safer and more efficient. Through-traffic on the frontage road bypasses the intersection via a collector-distributor lane, or intersection bypass lane, and proceeds straight through the cross-street intersection, allowing drivers to avoid the traffic signal.

A DDI enhances safety and mobility by reducing potential crash points at intersections and by allowing more cars to move through an intersection. This means a reduction in delays and travel time.

• Motorists are able to bypass the intersection without stopping at a traffic signal

• Improved travel time because additional “green time” at traffic signals allow more vehicles to pass through the intersection

• Additional sidewalks will increase safety and better accommodate pedestrians and bicyclists

Finalized schematic and environmental documentation should be delivered next summer with final construction, if funded, to be complete in Summer 2022.

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