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Wilco North Campus Open

Williamson County opened the doors to the new North Campus Facility on SE Inner Loop May 25. Home to EMS, Fire Marshal Special Ops, Mobile Outreach, Wireless Communications and the Sheriff’s Office vehicle storage and inspection area, this campus provides much needed space for all departments and allowed them to move from antiquated facilities that no longer met the needs of our growing county. With more than 60,000 sq/ft, the multiple buildings include state-of-the-art training space (photo right) and acute “wet” response areas, a safe place for law enforcement to conduct searches for contraband, Hazmat assessments, centralized wireless communications and administration for EMS operations.

Commissioner Valerie Covey explains the concept was a long time coming and she was pleased that the Court was able to come up with the $21.5M funding to help so many departments and employees in our first response agencies.

Still to come is a fueling station that will add to the county capacity and support during emergency situations and a Sheriff’s Training facility in Hutto, scheduled to open July 19.

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