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Central Texas Philharmonic Celebrates Movie Classics

The mission of the Central Texas Philharmonic is to provide accessible and varied quality musical and educational experiences focused on enriching the quality of life in Central Texas. 

On February 24, they did that and more at a very special concert at the Klett Center. Even if you don’t understand classical music or think it’s not your style of entertainment, the clever directors and musicians filled the house with the music of American composer John Williams and filled the seats to hear it. 

Unless you have been living in a cave for the past few decades, you already know his music. From the moment the show opened, just the first four notes of the theme to Indiana Jones—I’ll pause while your memory does this… Bum-ba-dum-buuuuuum….. bum-ba-daaaaaa… —and now you’re seeing Harrison Ford running frantically toward the plane with his little gold statue in hand… 

This year is the inaugural season of the Central Texas Philharmonic, having been reorganized from a previous iteration as the Williamson County. 

President Charlotte Barbini opened the event, “In past programs, there was traditional classic music by composers who lived hundreds of years ago; whom we only know by name and history. Today we will hear classical music of our generation, starting with Indiana Jones…we will visit the train station at Hogwarts, and end with the Jedis of Star Wars. All led by a highly acclaimed conductor who lives and conducts internationally, Juan Carlos Lomonaco.” 

Janice Brown and Tom Giallonardo are regular attendees and they highly encourage all to attend the next concert in April; “If you like John Williams, you will be amazed at the Beethoven performance. Beethoven’s 9th is the most amazing thing when you get to hear it performed live on the stage.”

Their next performance is Beethoven’s 9th Symphony “Ode To Joy” at the Klett Center for Performing Arts at 4pm, April 19. Tickets are available at CentralTexasPhilharmonic.com/


In addition to their performances, the Philharmonic provides education opportunities for more than 5,000 children across Williamson County. 

Barbini says, “Children are very enthusiastic, even conducting  in their seats, standing in the aisles and dancing. We are very proud of our music education and impact we have every year in Central Texas.” 

Pictured: Concertmaster Jeff Elliott

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