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“Ask the Chief” is an opportunity for our readers to reach out to Chief Wayne Nero and Assistant Chief Cory Tchida of the Georgetown Police Department, Please send your questions to with the subject “Ask the Chief”

Do police get more anxious about doing the job when there are big events going on like Red Poppy Festival, or a football game?

No, just like other citizens we really enjoy our events. It is a great time to interact with people and enjoy the day. If we had events like SXSW, where there tend to be a lot more crowd and crime control issues then my answer would be different to some degree. No matter the size of the event, having an effective plan and working that plan is critical.

Do Police Officers and Fire Fighters really get along?  Who is more important?

So I can genuinely say that PD and FD get along really well here. We will give each other a hard time and attempt to kill one another when we compete in sports but we love and support each other when it counts. I have heard stories that this is not true in all areas. As for who is more important? Really? We all know who is the most important……

What’s the easiest, and toughest assignment for a police officer?

This question is interesting and inter-related. The easiest assignment for an officer is driving around patrolling an area. That officer gets to enjoy the weather, the scenery, and getting to interact with the public.

The toughest assignment? The toughest assignment is when the easiest assignment is interrupted the radio and you get sent to help someone through their worst day. If the human tragedy you see as a public safety professional does not have an impact on you, then you probably should not be doing this job.

Do I have to show an officer my ID if he or she asks for it?

It depends on the circumstances. If you are driving a vehicle and are stopped for a violation, then you are required to display your driver’s license. If you are placed under arrest, then you are required to identify yourself. If an officer just walks up to you and asks to see your ID, that would not necessarily require you, under the law, to present your ID. The answer to this question can be situation specific.

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