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Is it okay to turn right from the center lane if the signal over that lane does not have the green arrow? I see people doing this at Austin and Williams all the time.

Because of the way that particular lane is marked, it is permissible to turn right from the center lane without the green arrow. You just have to follow all the same turning rules as if you were in the farthest right lane and, of course, you have to turn into the proper southbound lane as directed by the markings on the roadway.

How does GPD handle complaints?

The Georgetown Police  Department takes all complaints against all employees very seriously. Every complaint is documented and investigated. Complaints of a more serious nature will be handled by Internal Affairs while the others will be investigated by the affected employees supervisor. Sustained complaints can result in training, corrective action, and discipline up to and including termination.

When people brag about having “connections” in a department, are they really getting away with things?

People who brag about having connections obviously don’t know Chief Nero or me very well. We would NEVER intervene in a case simply because someone knew us.

Can I call 9-1-1 when I lock my keys in my car?

If you lock your keys in the car and a child or an animal is in the car? Yes.  If no person or animal is stuck in the car? No. In that case a vehicle unlocking service will be your best option.

I saw officers working at local McDonald’s last week. What’s that all about?

On Good Friday, our officers work at McDonald’s as part of the 100 Club of Central Texas’ annual Good Friday fundraiser. “I” did not work it because…yes….that cash register stole my soul last year.

“Ask the Chief” is an opportunity for our readers to reach out to Chief Wayne Nero and Assistant Chief Cory Tchida of the Georgetown Police Department, Please send your questions to with the subject “Ask the Chief”

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