Ask the Chief: Q&A

When I get pulled over by an officer, what are my obligations, or courtesies, to let the officer know I have a CHL and/or a firearm in my vehicle?

Texas Government Code 411.205 mandates that if the license holder is carrying a handgun on or about the license holder’s person  when a peace officer demands that the license holder display identification, the license holder shall display both their ID or DL and their handgun license.

Is there an easy way to tell if someone is flashing a fake badge or impersonating an officer?

Not necessarily. Often times fake police cars tend to not have the same level of emergency lighting that real police cars have. The fake might have a single flashing light. Even our unmarked cars, mine included, have a significant amount of emergency lighting. Badges are also a challenge because real badges and replicas are readily available on the Internet.

If you’re behind me with the lights on but I am speeding to the hospital, should I stop?

Yes! We of course would have no way of knowing that you are going to the hospital. It is going to look like you are fleeing! If you have a medical emergency in your car, it is better to let us assist you than you risk the chance of crashing and creating a new or worse medical emergency.

What would you say is our most under-reported crime in Georgetown?

I am not sure I can pin point the most under-reported crime. Reasoning for not reporting is an important factor. That reasoning usually comes down to embarrassment, fear, or uncertainty. The sexual assault victim doesn’t report because she/he is embarrassed the crime happened to them. The victim of family violence doesn’t report because they fear their abuser. The victim of a property crime doesn’t make a report because they are uncertain that their report will make a difference or matter. We constantly struggle to remind people that they don’t need to be embarrassed, afraid, or uncertain. We are here to help!

How annoying is it when you pull someone over and they make stupid jokes to lighten the mood?

Um… no comment!

What is the best way for Georgetown to celebrate/recognize National Police Week?

We would just ask that the public either in their prayers, thoughts, or reflections just take a minute to honor those men and women who have paid the ultimate price in their law enforcement service to their communities!

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