Ask the Chief: Q&A

We are pleased to have Police Chief Wayne Nero and Assistant Chief Cory Tchida featured in the Advocate on a regular basis.

Can you explain how the new Community program might emphasize police efficiency in the community?

The purpose of the CommUNITY program at the end of the day is intentional engagement with the community to forge stronger relationships, exceed stakeholder needs and expectations, and strengthen public trust and legitimacy. While not necessarily emphasizing police efficiency, the engagement that will occur can lead to collaborative efforts that ultimately lead to increased efficiency.

How can you transfer the processes that make this such a great town to other cities and towns around us so they will be just as great?

I would suggest that at the end of the day it is not our processes which make Georgetown great. Many of our processes are governed by law or are similar to those utilized by other law enforcement agencies. What makes Georgetown great is the people rather than processes. Those would be the people inside the Police Department and the people within the community. With ever increasing levels of engagement, collaboration, transparency, and trust, the ability of the Police Department to be successful at policing is greatly enhanced. We could not be successful without the support and assistance of our great community.

Is it possible and/or how soon could we get speed bumps in Sun City?

Speed bumps are speed mitigation devices that the City has always declined to install due to effectiveness issues. The major issues are as follows:

• When speed bumps are placed upon a roadway, motorists often tend to make up their “lost” time by travelling faster between the speed bumps.

• Homeowners who have speed bumps in front of their residence tend to tire quickly of the noise generated by vehicles travelling over the speed bumps.

  There are reports of increased carbon monoxide emissions in the area of speed bumps due to the constant acceleration and deceleration.

• Larger emergency vehicles tend to have issues safely traversing speed bumps.

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