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Brandy Hallford “Ready to Serve the People”

Brandy Hallford is running for Judge County Court at Law #1. This court hears family, civil, probate and criminal cases.

Hallford believes she is prepared and ready for serve the people as judge because her father taught her that a person has to work in the trenches to gain a true understanding of a job. “This philosophy is fundamental when electing judges whose decisions impact lives,” Hallford says. “I have been a litigating attorney throughout my 21-year legal career gaining experience on both sides of a case, which gives me a well-rounded perspective on the law and the needs of people.  I have been a prosecutor and defense attorney, represented individuals in family law matters and represented the State, parents and children in Child Protective Services’ cases.”

Hallford believes the biggest issue in this race relates to citizens’ vested interest in children. “The biggest issue facing this court is electing a qualified judge who has legal experience in Child Protective Services’ law in order to properly oversee half of the County’s cases.”

She hopes to take the bench based on her legal experience, commitment to community and “a passion for this crucial court that affects children’s safety. We have lived, worked, and raised our children in Williamson County. We also volunteer our time to helping those in need.” Hallford is on the Board of Directors at the Williamson County Children’s Advocacy Center and Senior Access; a member of Kiwanis and the Blue Star Mothers.

She adds she believes she will bring a respectful temperament to the bench. “I am dedicated to knowing each Child Protective Services case—the needs of each child and making sure each receives proper care in the foster care system.” She also assures voters she is dedicated to the State and the accused receiving a fair criminal trial. “I am dedicated to our citizens to know the law, be prepared, on time and available in order to maintain this court’s docket efficiently and fairly.”

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