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County Court #1: New Judge, Same Mission

Judge Brandy Hallford was sworn in June 2018 and reports the number of cases she adjudicates is as fulfilling as their diversity.

County Court #1 hears misdemeanor criminal and civil cases, protective orders for victims of family violence, and other family law matters. CC1 also provides judgment for one-half of the county’s Child Protective Cases (CPS). The Judge takes particular pride in these cases due to her background as a prosecutor and defense attorney, which she believes provides a balanced perspective from both sides of the table. “The growth in our population has meant an increase in filings, but I have practiced in all areas of my court and that is invaluable as a Judge.”

Judge Hallford says, “We have a very busy court, but I love being able to help people at a new level. In my career as an attorney it was always so important to me to work in the trenches, so I could understand the law and how it affects people. I believe this experience prepared me well for this office and I am confident I can provide a level playing field for anyone who appears before the court.”

Not content to just do the job, Judge Hallford is also supporting efforts to evolve indigent defense programs, which will provide support systems and service plans to help parents provide a safer environment for their children. “My duty is to work for a child’s needs once he or she is in the system. But, I worry about families’ safety every day, and my experience has put a lot of resources in my toolbox to refer people in and outside of the justice system. For instance, the County now has mentors to help parents who may not have support systems of their own.”

As a Judge, she has had the opportunity to see the justice system from yet another new perspective and appreciate its value in Williamson County. “When I go to jury empaneling, I see that it is standing-room-only. I love that this county cares about children, justice, and being fair. Even a few weeks ago when it was 40 degrees and raining, we had people standing in line. That’s a great problem to have and I am proud to live and work in Williamson County. “

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