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Publisher’s Corner: Carter & Gravell Will Uphold Texas’ Conservative Values

by Mike Payne

Carter & Gravell Will Uphold Texas’ Conservative Values

There is just under a week to go before the 2018 election season is over. The results appear to be about what I expected going into these races. There are a lot of people who have worked hard, given selflessly, and contributed greatly. One race of interest is that of Congressman John Carter. Congressman Carter has represented Williamson County since 2003. Throughout his tenure in Congress, he has accomplished much for our country, and even more for the residents of our great state of Texas. I could regale you with a list of thousands of constituents for whom Congressman Carter has intervened and “gone to bat”, but it would take volumes to name each individually.

Until now, it was considered business as usual that a Republican would serve in Texas’s 31st Congressional District. This year, with your vote, will be no exception. But that isn’t to say that 2018 hasn’t been a bit different. The Democrats have stepped up their game a bit. They are, at least, running a candidate this year with the ability to reach some people. Fortunately for Congressman Carter, however, when his opponent’s background is exposed, it becomes apparent that she is a left-wing liberal masquerading as a pseudo-conservative.  You may want to note, that while her commercials and advertisements are “flowery”, she says almost nothing about her positions. This should make it impossible for a thinking person to pull the lever for her. To put it mildly, she is standing on “sinking sand.”

Without a doubt, our esteemed Congressman, John Carter, will win next week. He will stand to fight another day. And he will win, not only because of his distinguished record of service, but because he has put together a great team that understands the process and has worked 24/7 along with other Republican candidates in the county and their teams.

As far as the Williamson County Judge race, there isn’t a harder working or more qualified candidate than Republican Judge Bill Gravell. After earning recognition for his JP3 court as a premier court throughout the entire United States, Judge Gravell will bring this same skill set to the role as the leader of a county that has for two decades been mired in the past. Citizens should expect to see some swift and meaningful change in how this county leader responds to those who are charged with delivering the services that citizens depend on every day. Make no mistake, by electing Bill Gravell, Williamson County will have a County Judge with the ability and energy to transform the government side into the same winning formula as our economic base.

Above all, remember that we, the voters, must elect leaders who uphold traditional American values if we want to maintain the unique quality of life we have now. The Advocate firmly believes that Congressman John R. Carter and County Judge candidate, Judge Bill Gravell are two of the best. If you haven’t yet voted, do so on November 6th!

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