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Letters to Editor: Support for Evelyn McLean

As Pct. 1 Constable and friend, I support Evelyn McLean for JP3. I write today because of letters I have seen in support of her opponent I find to be factually incorrect. Unfortunately, social media and the press are pretty much the only way voters get information about local candidates. While it is not the responsibility of the press to correct a citizen’s opinion, what do we do when that published opinion is based on inaccurate information?

For instance, a letter printed by the Williamson County Sun suggests that Katherine Kubatzky will save tax dollars “by only incarcerating those who really need it.” Justice courts impose fines, they do not put people in jail, so to suggest that this candidate has a better—or more tax-friendly—alternative in an effort to gain votes is either uninformed or deliberately deceitful. The only criminal proceedings in a JP court are traffic and Class C misdemeanor cases punishable by fine only. The job does involve signing arrest warrants, however that is in due process with law enforcement and is not related in any way to sentencing.

I implore Precinct 3 voters to be aware of the actual responsibilities of all of our candidates, and their qualifications, before going to the polls.

Vinnie Cherrone, Constable, Precinct 1


There’s no question I will be voting for my mom, Evelyn McLean, for Justice of the Peace, Pct 3 on November 6. What I want to share with your readers are the characteristics and principles she lives by that she doesn’t put on her resume or list in her qualifications for the job. First and foremost, no one knows better than me how committed she is to the family. Being a professional woman with a full-time career and her own business never kept her from managing work/life balance. She was always my biggest fan at my volleyball & basketball games, never missed watching me cheer, and attended all my other important events in and out of school. She will be able to connect and understand the multiple duties of the office, because she has been living her life that way—effortlessly—all my life. Who better to understand the diversity of responsibilities than a person who has done so seamlessly for many, many years?

She is also dedicated to the people of her church and the ministries they support because she is compassionate and empathetic as a rule. Just this summer she and my dad traveled to Mazatlan on a mission trip to help special needs orphans.

Evelyn McLean will be a Judge who represents the people of Precinct 3 because she shares their values and priorities. I admire my mom for her desire to continue to serve. Even though she recently retired as a Police Captain, one of her first thoughts was “How else can I serve?”

I think the people of Precinct 3 deserve nothing but the best, and I know my mom fits that description.

Caitlin McLean Greatting, Georgetown

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