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Letter to Editor: Why a Republican Majority is Critical

President Trump and a Republican Congress have accomplished a lot of what they promised; lower taxes and fewer regulations. The result is a growing economy and increasing prosperity.

Unfinished promises are; More and Permanent Tax Reductions, Improved Health Care, Better Border Security/Immigration Policy, Rebuilding our Infrastructure and More Favorable Terms of Trade.

While these are important, there is another objective—restoring trust/faith in our government institutions—especially those to whom we have given so much power over our lives.  Trust in the IRS, FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA etc. has never, for good reasons, been lower.

Benjamin Franklin was famously asked as he was leaving Constitution Hall – What have you given us? His reply was; “A Constitutional Republic if you can keep it.”

Restoring trust is essential to keeping it.

While all politicians/parties have been involved in unethical, corrupt and unlawful acts in the past, the major current issues/acts occurred under a Democrat Administration. While there is already enough smoke to indicate a major fire there is, as yet, no accountability and we know not to depend on those responsible to credibly investigate themselves.

Congress has Constitutional oversight yet they have had to cope with DOJ, FBI, CIA road blocks based on what has proven to be a false premise of “PROTECTING SOURCES AND METHODS”.

The roadblocks have instead served to cover up acts/behavior we would expect in a Banana Republic.

Special Prosecutor Mueller is moving to wind up his investigation of the President and current Republican Committee Chairmen are determined to find facts and pursue accountability.

Democrats in line for key Chairmanships are already on record to moot the 2016 election and shut down Congressional inquiry into institutional malfeasance.

In other words, cover up the cancer and prove Dr. Franklin prophetic.

This issue is several magnitudes more important than mere policy debates.

We should all (Democrats, Republicans, Independents) vote to preserve The Republican Congressional majorities for two more years and hold them all (Executive and Legislative) accountable in 2020.

Pray Dr. Franklin was overly pessimistic!

Charles Baker, Colonel USAF (R), Georgetown

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