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GISD Board: Jones for Place 6

Stevie Nicole Jones is running for the GISD Board Place 6 because she wants to bring greater diversity, transparency and equal rights to all students and parents across the district. “I feel strongly about those issues because while I believe we do many things well. I think transparency and communication is a big concern in the District.”

Jones says families feel a lack of full communication with regard to good and bad news. “I have seen a lot of frustrated parents who want to know the details and the ins and outs of what is going on in the District.”

She believes in light of frequent acts of violence in schools and against children, it is especially alarming, and the feedback she gets is that parent’s want more than just a declaration that “you can trust us” to have a plan. “People today don’t want assurances, they want to know what the plan is, or at least participate in a forum of some kind where they can receive concrete information and provide feedback.”

Jones works in finance, but previously spent more than a decade in the classroom as an elementary school teacher. “I began teaching as a senior in high school and have always been a strong advocate for early education. It is one of the primary priorities in a child’s life and I believe that experience will be fundamental to my effectiveness on the board. I can approach concerns and projects from that classroom perspective.”

Jones believes that education experience sets her apart from her opponent, who is also in the finance sector. “We are both savvy when it comes to money, but I have classroom experience and I have always considered community service a part of my life. I have taken advantage of many opportunities to advocate for others and work for community projects and neighbors since I was a young person. Being on the school board was not a sudden decision; I believe it is a natural next step in contributing my experience with and compassion for children to help my community grow and improve.”

For more information or to donate to her campaign, visit her on Facebook at Stevie Jones For GISD School Board Trustee, Place 6

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