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Guidance from the Top on Down-Ballot Voting

On September 16, the Williamson County GOP held a rally in Georgetown to celebrate keynote speakers Ronna McDaniel, National GOP Chair and Texas Chair Allen West. While advocating for the platform and President Trump, they extolled the need to get out the vote, and focus on down-ballot races. 

McDaniel shared personal stories about growing up in a political family, and her daily reminders that living in the United States is a privilege and blessing that should not be taken for granted. “Donald Trump did not have to take this job, and we are sick of bureaucrats not getting things done. Not just his appointments in the Federal courts, but he just brokered another Middle East peace deal, which affects every one of us.” 

She encouraged attendees to find five people and talk about the platform. In 2016, she worked in Michigan, and that five-person commitment helped them win the state by just 10,000 votes. “Just the people in this room can make that difference. This is what we wanted four years ago and our country—our future—is at stake.”


Chairman West was very passionate about what each of the races means for Texas. “Austin no longer represents what Stephen F. Austin fought for, and it is sad we can only have 50 people in church, but local Walmarts and Home Depots have open doors. Texas is the battlefield.” 

He praised local candidates, and their commitment to stand in the gap for each person in Williamson County. As he closed, he spoke emotionally about the vote itself. “There are Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Coast Guardsmen standing on ramparts 18-30 hours at a time for you. There are police officers wondering if someone will step up to their patrol car and empty a mag in their head. They are out there for each of you. The very least you can do is stay in that line, and in that booth, for as long as it takes to vote—from the White House to the school house. If you don’t, I will find you.” 

His last remark was met with applause and laughter, and he later explained that when we seek those five people, we look outside our echo chambers; find those who do not already agree, and convert three of them. “Start by asking them, ‘Is this really what you want for your children?’” 

West’s take-home message: “You cannot go in and just hit that box that says, ‘All Republicans’. You must exercise the resolve and discipline to stay in the voting booth and vote for each position. This is not just about voting for President Trump, for Senator John Cornyn, or even your member of Congress, all very important races, indeed. However, it is crucial that Texans continue down the entire ballot.

“The progressive Socialist left only needs nine seats to take the Texas House, so find out who your Texas Republican State House member is and support them.”

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