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Legacy of Riches

Pastor Rudy Williams (center) enjoyed a special Sunday service with his former coaches and life mentors who came together at Friendly Will Church to honor Williams’ life and success in basketball, youth mentorship and church leadership. From left to right, Paul Peak (one of the most successful coaches in SWU history), high school coach Lloyd Long, youth coach Isaac Alfred and NCJAA Hall of Famer Lewis Orr; all contributed to Williams’ own legacy from pee-wee basketball to his college career at Southwestern University. Coach Alfred says, “He had the right attitude, and God allowed him to go very far in basketball. I just kindled the fire and the rest of these great coaches developed his raw talent and kept moving him up.” Coach Orr added, “It’s just a matter of time and he will be inducted into a hall of fame of some kind. He didn’t lose too many games, and whatever I am playing, sports or not, I want him on my team.” 

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