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Letter to the Editor: Evelyn McLean for JP3

I wish to offer my endorsement for Evelyn McLean for Justice of the Peace Precinct 3. I believe the job of JP is three-fold; administration of justice, collection of revenues, and management of a rather large staff of municipal and justice employees. As a law enforcement officer, commander and business-woman, there is no doubt that Evelyn not only has the requisite experience but also the proper temperament and compassion necessary for what many feel is the “people’s court.” As a Captain in the Georgetown Police Department, she manages a budget, a large staff, and has demonstrated professional discretion, good judgment and all the conservative values we live by in Georgetown and the rest of Precinct 3. We need leadership and experience like hers in our Justice Court.  She is THE right person for the people of Precinct 3.

Avis Wukasch, Georgetown since 1977


I firmly believe Evelyn McLean is up to and fully prepared for the job of Justice of the Peace Pct 3. She has been a full-time police officer, real estate agent, and mother for the past two-plus decades and has managed all three with professionalism and efficiency. Not to mention grace. She is the first female to be promoted to senior leadership in the Georgetown Police Department and built a successful business, in a very competitive industry, at the same time. Who better to manage the complexities of one of Texas’ busiest courts than a person who has proven her ability to multi-task at a senior/command level? She has the business acumen to further the goals of JP3 via technology and automation while demonstrating the compassion and problem-solving necessary to deal with the people who need or deserve justice before the bench. I am PROUD to know her as a business professional and a friend and am offering her my endorsement for Justice of the Peace Precinct 3.

Scott Tolar, Georgetown

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